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Konavle area is situated in the very south of the Republic of Croatia, next to the borders of Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Its territory of about 200 km2 has remained unchanged for centuries. Rich biodiversity and geographical convenience were the reasons for the continuity of life in Konavle throughout history. Konavle area is abundant in natural springs, fertile valleys, hills and mountain ranges which were all preconditions for urban area to consider Konavle, in the past, its ager, garden and even its Arcadia.

Department is located in the west wing of the beautiful Saint Blaise Franciscan Monastery in village Pridvorje. The monastery, including St Blaise church was built by the Dubrovnik Republic in the 15th century, and today it is listed as a protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Interpreting contemporary Konavle is not possible without knowledge of the overall historical development and societal relationships in the exceptionally active region. By gathering informations and encouraging research we are able to create the background to the heritage development and provide a clearer understanding of contemporary issues, thus creating a place to recall the heritage and identity.

Visiting the site one can get acquainted with archaeological findings from the region, epigraphic inscription collection from the Dubrovnik Republic period, enjoy the meditative environment of the monastery's cloister or participate in numerous educational activities and exhibitions throughout the season.

Museums and galleries of Konavle consist of the:

Konavle County Museum, House Bukovac, Department of Archaeology and Račić Mausoleum.

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