Friday, 11 November 2022

Bukovac's connections in Zadar

The relationship between Vlaho Bukovac and Zadar city began just before his schooling in Paris, when his sponsor Medo Pucić requested financial support for the young painter from the State Committee in Zadar. Unfortunately, due to complicated political circumstances, it arrived two years later, but nevertheless, it arrived. During his first short visit to Zadar in 1881, Bukovac painted a portrait of Vojnović, President of the Dalmatian Parliament who was responsible for the arrival of his late financial aid. That same year Bukovac also painted a portrait of Miho Klaić, a representative of the People’s Party. During this stay in Zadar, he met Marko Car, a writer, and poet, with whom Bukovac would develop an enviable lifelong friendship. Because of this newfound friendship, Bukovac visited Zadar again in September 1884. A one-month stay in Zadar resulted in the creation of a few portraits of Zadar's most prominent figures of the time, from the royal governor and president of the Parliament to high church dignitaries. However, he also created more intimate portraits of younger people, his friends, and like-minded people. This collection of portraits from Zadar, along with the large painting Montenegro women go to the square, was exhibited at the end of October 1884 in the Paravia Library. This was Bukovac's first solo exhibition and the young painter's first public appearance in his homeland.

This and a lot more was explained by museum pedagogue Maris Stanović at a lecture held on Thursday, November 10, at the Bukovac House.

Museums and galleries of Konavle consist of the:

Konavle County Museum, House Bukovac, Department of Archaeology and Račić Mausoleum.

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