In accordance with the theme, Hell is characterised by dark and sombre hues, evoking horror, suffering, and eternal darkness. The scene immortalised by Bukovac on canvas unfolds in the third ditch of the eighth circle of hell and depicts those who engaged in the trade of church goods and positions, commonly known as simonists.

On the left side of the painting, Bukovac depicts dark silhouettes of Virgil and Dante observing an apocalyptic scene where bodies, their feet writhing, emerge from glowing icy substance. The entire atmosphere is ablaze with dark-red tongues of fire, their toxicity extending beyond the confines of the painting itself.

Bukovac likely painted the picture in Cavtat, and finished it in Vienna, as indicated by the signature, in 1902.

Museums and galleries of Konavle consist of the:

Konavle County Museum, House Bukovac, Department of Archaeology and Račić Mausoleum.

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