ProEUverb - Proverbs Presentation and Reflections, Similarities and Differences across EU countries

Erasmus+ KA2

Project number: 2018-1-HR01-KA204-047507

Coordinator: Museums and galleries of Konavle (Croatia)

Partners: Portugal and Finland

Short description: Proverbs are one of the links of the European cultural tradition. Form of a proverb is well known and accepted as an important part in all European cultures. Each nation’s proverbs express their values, morals, views of thinking and traditional beliefs about life. National wisdom and truth are sometimes presented in metaphorical but always easy memorable form.

The study of own and other nation’s proverbs can serve as a base for exploring European cultural tradition and enhancing mutual understanding. As a part of national collective memories, proverbs are important part of cultural heritage. Interpreting proverbs is often complex. Interpreting proverbs from other cultures is much more difficult than interpreting proverbs in one’s own culture.

Common values are in a core of a European cultural heritage, source of inspiration for bridging obstacles and finding new paths over current crisis. Proverbs from different nations will put different cultures into same contexts, underlining multilingual nature of the European heritage.

The main purpose for the project is to promote multinational understanding and cultural diversity in educational process. In a form easily accessible to younger generations, it will be also preserved and passed to future generations.

To explore the usage of proverbs in education attracts three partners: Museums and galleries of Konavle from Croatia, Adult Education Centre of Järvilakeus (Järvilakeuden kansalaisopisto) from Finland and EPRALIMA_Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L. from Portugal. They also represent three major European language groups. They are all active in the field of adult education and seeking innovative ways of teaching and learning. Their staff are a target group and major evaluator of project results.

Project duration: 18 months


Museums and galleries of Konavle consist of the:

Konavle County Museum, House Bukovac, Department of Archaeology and Račić Mausoleum.

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