Saturday, 05 November 2022

Book promotion: Konavjani, i ovi i oni by Niko Kapetanić

Promotion of Niko Kapetanić’s book Konavjani, i ovi i oni was held last night, November 4, in the house of Matica Hrvatska branch Konavle at Gruda. Organized by Museums and Galleries of Konavle.

The book was presented by author Niko Kapetanić, Ph.D. Slavica Stojan, author and president of Matica Hrvatska branch Dubrovnik, Ph. D. Joško Belamarić, head of the Split Institute for Art History, and Antonia Rusković Radonić, director of the Museums and Galleries of Konavle. While, the Mayor of Konavle County, Božo Lasić greeted everyone at the very beginning.

On this occasion, in front of many people from Konavle, the director emphasized the importance of Niko Kapetanić’s many years of scientific contributions. Thanks to him, Konavle has an amazing bibliography, from contributions related to the restoration of monuments, localities, and archaeological heritage to contributions to the history of the population of Konavle, which are the basis, i.e. the beginning and the end, of every study of Konavle region. His immense contribution can be seen through books like Falsifications on the origin of Konavle families; Population of Konavle; Konavle epigraphic monuments; Konavle in the 15th century; Konavle populace during the First World War; From Constantinople to Eldorado etc. However, apart from his scientific contributions to the history of the population, Kapetanić filled huge gaps in topics related to the localities of Konavle through his mission of monument restoration. He also wrote books Mills on the River Ljuta, Sokol Fortress in several different editions, and Rector’s Palace in Pridvorje. As a collector of various historical documents, he contributed to the people of Konavle with the book Konavle postcards and the last book, Bukovac on postcards.

This book, Konavjani, i ovi i oni, complements the existing material on the population of Konavle and is a kind of sequel to the book Konavle on postcards. This rich collection of references to Konavle craftsmanship up to the Second World War shows all the vibrancy of life, the continuity of which has been lost to this day. Almost 300 pages provide an insight into everyday life at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The trends and the interests of the population of that time.

Reviewer of the book, Ph.D. Josip Belamarić referred to the significance of such a publication in the creation of an overall image, not only of Konavle but also of the global space of that time, bringing numerous picturesque examples.

The value of such a collection for Konavle is priceless and we are happy that Konavle is richer for yet another piece of its vast history.

Museums and galleries of Konavle consist of the:

Konavle County Museum, House Bukovac, Department of Archaeology and Račić Mausoleum.

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